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The Lembcke Group is one of Scandinavia's leading fruit, vegetable and flower import and export companies, and today the Group employs approximately 200 employees.


We closely cooperate with suppliers from around the world, and we have established our own purchasing offices in France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Sweden.


Lembcke's goal is to be a market leader within areas such as product development, quality control, self-check and logistics.


The Lembcke Group is owned by TotalProduce whose mainoffice is based in Ireland. TotalProduce is one of the world's leading distributors of fruit and vegetables, which complements Lembcke's international profile and contact surface.


The Lembcke Group delivers fruit, vegetables and flowers to supermarket chains and wholesalers, within and outside the Danish borders and offers related services and guidance.



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1 January
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